When Did Gay Pride Month Turn Into Walk & Bike Month?

busI work in the field of sustainable transportation, so I’ve known since January the date of this year’s Bike-to-Work Day (June 25.) June is my busiest month at work, since it is Walk & Bike Month here in Boulder.

Wait? Isn’t June Pride Month? When someone asked me if I were going to Denver Pride, my response was, “Oh. When is that?” This isn’t the first year that’s happened.

When did my Gay Pride Month turn into my Walk & Bike Month? Why was I last at Denver Pride during the Bush years? The George Herbert Bush years.

What happened?

While it took me to until age 24 to figure out I was a lesbian, once I came out, I did it with a political bang. In the mid-80s and 90s, helped organize monthly events with Boulder’s Lesbian Connection.  I helped write and publish its monthly newsletter. My friends and I organized lesbian New Year’s Eve dances. I wrote queer humor columns for the Denver gay papers. I wrote and published lesbian humor books and jetted off to gay conferences and lesbian bookstore to talk about them.

I stuffed envelopes.

(Stuffing envelopes was a rebellious act in 1986. We bought privacy envelopes because subscribers to the TLC newsletter often stayed in the closet to keep their jobs. Their kids.)

This isn’t bragging. This is puzzlement.

I once helped raise money to put a huge pink “Coming Out Day” ad on the side of the bus. Now, I answer questions about bus routes and Eco Passes.

What happened?

In the 1990s, queer groups organized Denver’s Gay Rights marches. Now that march is called the “CoorsLight PrideFest Parade.”

Maybe that’s what happened.


[To be further thrashed out next week….]

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